Men in Black

I was walking around the city today and saw the black clothed people dancing around at the open area. You might not be able to see but there are several women in bright colored skirts dancing behing the guys.

May be I could join them because I was wearing my black leather jacket at that time. However, I am a very bad dancer so probably it was good idea to just looking at them. They were dancing with 70's music(I think) and looked like they were popped out from the movie 'Grease'. I liked the movie in the beginning but got tired after watching it three times on the TV.

Today's dinner was salmon and stir fried pork and vegetables. I marinated a salmon with miso(soybean paste) and Sake for few menitues and fried it with butter. I also used miso into the stir fries. You can use miso to saeson meats,fishes and vegetables.

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  1. Hello! My name is roman, from Spain.
    Well, few weeks ago I watched on tv something about those guys... the black leather r'n'r fashioned dancers... And I think I have some link on my facebook. I didn't know they also was in Kyoto! I'm living in Osaka, but my job is in Kyoto.

    Thanks for posting those pics! I will keep following your blog.

  2. Here a link to a youtube video, there you will find much more links... I'm astonished.


  3. Hi Roman. Thank you so much for the information. I did not know that you know about black leathered guys. Thank you for giving me the youtube website too.I would love to go to Spain someday.Spain is such a great country.


  4. Hi Kayoko,

    I've recently just moved to Kyoto, from the UK, and I saw your post on the Kcif message board. Your blog is very sweet and the food is おいしいそう!! I've never been to Kyoto before so I look forward to seeing some of the places you've talked about. Any more suggestions on where to go? I'm here for a year, so I've got plenty of time to explore :)

    I'll be following your blog, if that's ok with you. Feel free to stop by my travel blog! I've not updated it in a while though.


  5. Hi Belinda. Thank you for the message. I am glad you came to Kyoto. There are many great places in Kyoto such as golden pavilion,heian shrine,imperial palace etc... I would love to see your blog!