Yasaka shrine and Kiyomizu temple

I went to Yasaka shrine and Kiyomizu temple today. There were many people as usual but the weather was great and I had so much fun there.

I saw many geisha girls on the way. I realized that I like geisha girls as much as I like panda bears. Wenever I see a geisha,I feel adrenaline rush through my system. I get excited and run toward them. I had an idea that they are mean and snobby but found out that they are very nice girls. They stop and pause for you when you have a camera and they take picture with everyone.

I also saw two weddings in the shrine. I don't know when I have my wedding but I will let you know when my time comes. ( Hopefuly, the time comes before I'm thirty.) I have never been to a disneyland but I think Yasaka shrine and Kiyomizu temple are as much fun as there. I wanna come back there in near future. I have one more thing to talk about but I will talk about it tomorrow.
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