Eel dinner

I made tendon(tempura rice bowl) with eel tempura. I don't have much opportunity to eat eel since the fish is pretty expensive. Look at how big the eel is! It did not fit into a bowl. It tasted really good too. I marinated tuna sashimi with sake and soy sauce with onions to make sashimi salad. I am so satisfied with today's meal.
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Spring flavored dinner

Today's dinner is as healthy as yesterday. I made Kikiage(tempura) and takikomigohan. I put carrot,mushroom,fried tofe and bumboo shoot in a ricecooker with soy sauce and stock. It is really really good you should make it sometime. Kakiage is pretty easy to make too. You can make kakiage with verious food such as seafood,meat and all kind vegetables. I made it with carrot,onion and chicken.

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Fish dinner

Oh no, I am not posting the pages as often as I thought. Sorry, I got busy and was slightly sick. I am trying to eat more healthy so I made fried sardine with loads of garlic. It might've been nice to have some parsely on top. But it was really good. I also made sashimi with salmon. It was my first time to make sashimi but the fish was already cut into block. So I just sliced it really thin. I used the heads of sardines to make stock and made miso soup too. I hope I get better by eating those nice meals.

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Cherry blossoms

Cherry trees have finally blossomed in Kyoto. They already passed full bloom and their delicate pink petals were fluttering and falling in the wind. I should go to more places to see cherry trees before their petals completely fell down. I am thinking to go to Golden pavilion or Nijo castle. I should go to take picture at Imperial palace too. I have so many places to go to.

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Sleepy puppies

I went to a pet shop again to pet puppies and kitties today. However, most of puppies are in sleep so I could not really play with them. Some of them are very friendly though. I hope everone gets to find a good home.

Today's dinner was curry. I did not make my special curry which takes half a day to make. So it was normal curry but it was still good. I need to get a crockpot to make my special curry. I wonder if i can get a crockpot in Japan.

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My favorite doughnuts

I went to Nishiki market to stroll around. I always try to pass the doughnuts store in the market but I can not resist the smell of freshly fried doughnuts. So I am trapped again and walk toward the doughnuts store.

They make Tofu doughnut which actualy does not taste like Tofu at all. Their doughnuts are hundred times better than Krispy Kremes. I don't like doughnuts in general but their doughnuts are irresistable.

They are also inexpensive. A dozen(12 doughnuts) for $3 (300 yen). That is one of reason I keep coming back there. Those yummy doughnuts are so addicting. I already gained 5 pounds since I came back to Japan. Help me out.

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Spring inside the house

Outside might still be cold and winterish but inside my house is warm and bright. I rather wanna stay home until spring comes.

Today's dinner was fried fish with sweet and sour sauce,ground chicken meat balls and bambooshoot with seaweed and shitake mashroom. I love to eat freshly prepared bamboo shoot. It takes time and preparation to cook fresh bamboo shoot but it totally worth it!. The flavor is so much better than canned ones. Oyster mashrooms were mixed with ground chicken for the meat balls. It adds better textures and makes it more chewy.

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