Spring inside the house

Outside might still be cold and winterish but inside my house is warm and bright. I rather wanna stay home until spring comes.

Today's dinner was fried fish with sweet and sour sauce,ground chicken meat balls and bambooshoot with seaweed and shitake mashroom. I love to eat freshly prepared bamboo shoot. It takes time and preparation to cook fresh bamboo shoot but it totally worth it!. The flavor is so much better than canned ones. Oyster mashrooms were mixed with ground chicken for the meat balls. It adds better textures and makes it more chewy.

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  1. what is the black stuff on the second pic?

    the flowers at your home seems pretty.

    can you please take more photos of your house?

    so i can see what your house looks like?

    and soon i will tried to post some of recipe

    for you at my blog.

    come by. ^.~

  2. Black stuffs are Shitake mushrooms. I will send you more pictures of my houses. I found a korean grocery store so I wanna make some korean foods. Are you making your own blog? Let me know whenever you make one.