Men in Black

I was walking around the city today and saw the black clothed people dancing around at the open area. You might not be able to see but there are several women in bright colored skirts dancing behing the guys.

May be I could join them because I was wearing my black leather jacket at that time. However, I am a very bad dancer so probably it was good idea to just looking at them. They were dancing with 70's music(I think) and looked like they were popped out from the movie 'Grease'. I liked the movie in the beginning but got tired after watching it three times on the TV.

Today's dinner was salmon and stir fried pork and vegetables. I marinated a salmon with miso(soybean paste) and Sake for few menitues and fried it with butter. I also used miso into the stir fries. You can use miso to saeson meats,fishes and vegetables.

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Let's go to the river

Today, I had a plan to go to the river with my friend so I stuffed my self with fried noodle(Yakiudon) before walking.

We ran into the racoon dog on our way and took picture with him.

One on the left is the racoon dog by the way. Who is the short girl on the right side? haha..

Finally, we arrived at the river. There are many people walking and biking around. Some people are wearing Kimono. I have never wore Kimono in my life but would like to try someday. I might got some tan by walking becuase the sun was shining pretty strong. Cherry trees haven't blossomed yet but probably pretty soon.

Today's dessert was dango. I love this particular kind of Dango with sweet and salty syrup on the top.

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Geisha Cappuccino

I went to Down Town Kyoto today with my friend and found funny cappuccino. The geisha face is drawn on the top of cappuccino and it taste soooo good according to my friend. The face is drawn with cinnamon and cocoa powder.I can not drink coffee so I was just eating dessert.

This is the green tea dessert I had at the coffee shop. Doesn't it look tasty? It looks really good and tastes like heaven. The toppings are chocolate,whipped cream,chestnuts,mint leaves and black beans. Below the toppings,there is a green tea mousse. Mousse(not moose!) is a jelo like food but has richer flavor and is fluffier. I really liked the flavor of green tea and the texture of the mousse. ummm. There is a sponge cake inside the mousse and the combinations of cake,whipped cream and the mousse are unbelievably good.

Store location

Yojiya,Sanjo store
Sanjo TC building 1st floor,sanjo street,Nakagyoku,kyoto

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Wasao bread

I talked about Wasao the funny looking dog yesterday. There are also Wasao bread sold around his neighbor. Look at the happy face on the bread eventhough Wasao normaly looks not that happy.

Each bread has slightly different face if you look carefully. I don't think I can eat a happy dog so I had a chicken today.

This is Karaage(fried chicken)

I ate chicken with some vegetables. One on the top right is a stir fried bean sprouts and Nira(it's like a green onion). I wanna drink a beer so bad. I crave beer whenever I eat fried chicken. Somebody tell me why.

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Today, I had Korokke(or croquette) and Tuna sashimi for dinner.

Korokke is one of most popular food in Japan. Korokke is made of masshed potatoes,chopped onions and ground beef.

I marinated Tuna sashimi to make Zuke. You can make zuke by marinating sashimi with soy sauce and mirin for few minutes. In order to eat zuke, you might wanna have Wasabi. You put Zuke on the top of the rice and put Wasabi on very top.

After dinner,I would like to introduce you one of the most popular dog in Japan. His name is Wasao and was discovered in a northern part of Japan. He is known for his fluffy hair and funny outlook.
He was abondoned by his previous owner but has been being cared by his new owner. He is said to be moody and emotional. His feelings appear on his face easily so he is very easy to read.

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Souvenirs from Tokyo

My friend visited Tokyo for few days and brung back some souvenirs for me. Stuffs on the top are chestnut desserts and arare(rice crackers). Second from the top is a Katsu sanso(Tonkatsu sandwich). Have you ever had Tonkatsu? Tonkatsu is a breaded pork cutlet. I had Katsu sando for lunch today. It was the yummiest of all. Pork was so tender and sauce on the meat was sweet. I finished it within 5 minutes but I could have some more of those. Bottom stuffs are dried fish(Sirasu boshi),chocolate with irish cream and egg shaped wagashi(Japanese dessert). It is nice to have a good friend. Thank you so much.

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Japanese fashion 101-Legwear

I talked you about how every Japanese women wear pantyhose/color stockings. I wanted to talk some more about legwears. There are many kinds of pantyhose,stockings and color tights in many color and designs. Many stockings also has slimming effect on legs which I deeply appreciate. Not many women wear beige colored pantyhose anymore. Black color is major because it makes your legs slimmer and leaner. Stockings have become major fashion items in Japan.

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Finding at Kiyomizu temple

OK, so that's what I found in Kiyomizu temple. I thought it was the cutest statue among hundreds of beautiful statues in Kiyomizu temple. His name is Shusse Daikoku. Shusse means promotion in Japanese so he is god of promotion. He might brings you a business success.
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Purple is the new pink

Since I got off the airplane at Narita airport, I have been seeing many girls wearing purple stockings. Black stockings are still dominant but purple stockings are getting major. I recently purchased a black stocking for my job interview. I was wearing a black skirt and needed something to protect my poor feet and legs from the cold. I normaly wear jeans and sneakers to go out but most of Japanese girls wear miniskirts( or often shorts) and boots during winter. So they have to wear stockings to walk in a freezing temperature. There are several termal stockings that hold body heat and keeps the cold out. I don't know how much those thin stockings can protect their feet from the cold though.
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Yasaka shrine and Kiyomizu temple

I went to Yasaka shrine and Kiyomizu temple today. There were many people as usual but the weather was great and I had so much fun there.

I saw many geisha girls on the way. I realized that I like geisha girls as much as I like panda bears. Wenever I see a geisha,I feel adrenaline rush through my system. I get excited and run toward them. I had an idea that they are mean and snobby but found out that they are very nice girls. They stop and pause for you when you have a camera and they take picture with everyone.

I also saw two weddings in the shrine. I don't know when I have my wedding but I will let you know when my time comes. ( Hopefuly, the time comes before I'm thirty.) I have never been to a disneyland but I think Yasaka shrine and Kiyomizu temple are as much fun as there. I wanna come back there in near future. I have one more thing to talk about but I will talk about it tomorrow.
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Spring is coming

Spring is coming to Kyoto. The street is smelling like flowers and I don't have to wear a winter coat when I go out ! There are many tea places in Kyoto that serve green tea desserts during spring and summer time. I can not wait to eat all those green tea parfaits and green tea ice creams. Yummy.

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