Today, I had Korokke(or croquette) and Tuna sashimi for dinner.

Korokke is one of most popular food in Japan. Korokke is made of masshed potatoes,chopped onions and ground beef.

I marinated Tuna sashimi to make Zuke. You can make zuke by marinating sashimi with soy sauce and mirin for few minutes. In order to eat zuke, you might wanna have Wasabi. You put Zuke on the top of the rice and put Wasabi on very top.

After dinner,I would like to introduce you one of the most popular dog in Japan. His name is Wasao and was discovered in a northern part of Japan. He is known for his fluffy hair and funny outlook.
He was abondoned by his previous owner but has been being cared by his new owner. He is said to be moody and emotional. His feelings appear on his face easily so he is very easy to read.

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