I went to the gift shop to look for some Japanese gifts. The store was pretty cool but the store does not allow to take pictures so this is the only pictures I was able to take inside the store.

Today's dinner was great because I had Umaki. Umaki is a grilled eel rolled inside egg omelet. I like both eel and egg so it was the great combination.

My bad habit these days is eating too much desserts. I had several eclairs after dinner. I am craving for creamy desserts. I could just eat a bowl of whipping cream.



The one thing I was missing out when I was in U.S is Flan. It is called Purin in Japan. I purchased the flan called 'royal custard'. It was ranked number one among all flans in convnience stores.

It comes with caramel sauce in a pouch. You pour the sauce on the top of flan before eating.

It was surprisingly soft and silky. Vanilla beans are contained inside the sauce so it has nice flavor of vanilla. It does not taste like the flan I am used to eating though.


Rumiko Takahashi

I am considering about going to Rumiko Takahashi exhibition that is held at Kyoto Station. I am a big fun of Takahashi since I was a kid. I like urusei yatsura the most but I also like Ranma. My roommate used to watch Inuyasha every weekend too. Inuyasha already has ended and I am so excited about her new anime.


mont blanc

I had an errand to go to Kyoto station today. I was walking around isetan department store and inadvertenly found a cake store. I got very excited because the cake store was the one I have been hearing a lot about. The store's name is 'malebranche'. They are famous of their mont blanc. I am not big fun of mont blanc or chestnut but I was curious..very curious. Besides I don't come to Kyoto station that often so why don't I try now since I am already here! So I bought two kinds of montblanc cakes.
This is the original mont blanc. It might not look so alluring but I know it tastes gooood. Let's look inside.
The marron cream is rich with strong flavor of ram liquor. It consists of two kinds of cream( whipping cream and chocolate cream) underneath marron cream withchocolate sponge cake. It is pretty big cake but I ate it in less than 5 minutes.
This is “Tanba” chestnut mont blanc. It is slight ly smaller than original mont blanc cake but tastes better.
Chestnut cream on top, whipping cream in the middle, and sponge cakes on each side. They made chestnut cream with only Japanese chestnut without too much adding. I like the simpleness of this cake. I can taste pure flavor of chestnuts with this one. I hope they make it in bigger size though.

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I lovelove love fried renkon(lotus root). The best way to eat renkon is to stuff renkons with ground meat and to deep fry. I mixed ground chicken, sesame seeds,eggs and soysauce together and stuff the mixture into holes of renkons. Dipp them into egg mixture(eggs,sesoning and flour) and fry. It might take some time so you might wanna make it when you have time. I also made hakusai soup with oage(fried tofu).

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Love living in Kyoto

Today I took some walk by the river. I love living by the river. It is one of reasons why I like living in Kyoto. I also like the fact that many people gather around the river and doing their own things such as playing music,dating or eating lunch.

Today's dinner was yummy as always. I made Kaisendon(seafood rice bowl) and dumplings. I was able to get two kinds of sashimi. Aji(jack fish) and tuna. They were really fresh and were also reasonable price. I put too much wasabi on the top but was delicious. I am liking wasabi these days.
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