mont blanc

I had an errand to go to Kyoto station today. I was walking around isetan department store and inadvertenly found a cake store. I got very excited because the cake store was the one I have been hearing a lot about. The store's name is 'malebranche'. They are famous of their mont blanc. I am not big fun of mont blanc or chestnut but I was curious..very curious. Besides I don't come to Kyoto station that often so why don't I try now since I am already here! So I bought two kinds of montblanc cakes.
This is the original mont blanc. It might not look so alluring but I know it tastes gooood. Let's look inside.
The marron cream is rich with strong flavor of ram liquor. It consists of two kinds of cream( whipping cream and chocolate cream) underneath marron cream withchocolate sponge cake. It is pretty big cake but I ate it in less than 5 minutes.
This is “Tanba” chestnut mont blanc. It is slight ly smaller than original mont blanc cake but tastes better.
Chestnut cream on top, whipping cream in the middle, and sponge cakes on each side. They made chestnut cream with only Japanese chestnut without too much adding. I like the simpleness of this cake. I can taste pure flavor of chestnuts with this one. I hope they make it in bigger size though.

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