Geisha Cappuccino

I went to Down Town Kyoto today with my friend and found funny cappuccino. The geisha face is drawn on the top of cappuccino and it taste soooo good according to my friend. The face is drawn with cinnamon and cocoa powder.I can not drink coffee so I was just eating dessert.

This is the green tea dessert I had at the coffee shop. Doesn't it look tasty? It looks really good and tastes like heaven. The toppings are chocolate,whipped cream,chestnuts,mint leaves and black beans. Below the toppings,there is a green tea mousse. Mousse(not moose!) is a jelo like food but has richer flavor and is fluffier. I really liked the flavor of green tea and the texture of the mousse. ummm. There is a sponge cake inside the mousse and the combinations of cake,whipped cream and the mousse are unbelievably good.

Store location

Yojiya,Sanjo store
Sanjo TC building 1st floor,sanjo street,Nakagyoku,kyoto

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