Let's go to the river

Today, I had a plan to go to the river with my friend so I stuffed my self with fried noodle(Yakiudon) before walking.

We ran into the racoon dog on our way and took picture with him.

One on the left is the racoon dog by the way. Who is the short girl on the right side? haha..

Finally, we arrived at the river. There are many people walking and biking around. Some people are wearing Kimono. I have never wore Kimono in my life but would like to try someday. I might got some tan by walking becuase the sun was shining pretty strong. Cherry trees haven't blossomed yet but probably pretty soon.

Today's dessert was dango. I love this particular kind of Dango with sweet and salty syrup on the top.

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  1. dear kayoko.

    that dango reminds me of when we were in seattle.

    it just look like the one we had at seattle.

    anyhow i am glad to see more of your pic.

    you look cute next to the weird looking dog.

    but maybe smile would be nice.

    -lov eunyoung-

  2. Hi Eunyoung. Thank you for the comment. I was not smiling because I was irritated by my friend. She took so long to take the picture that I got tired. I loved Korean dangos we had at Seattle. I will try to post more pictures.