Sleepy puppies

I went to a pet shop again to pet puppies and kitties today. However, most of puppies are in sleep so I could not really play with them. Some of them are very friendly though. I hope everone gets to find a good home.

Today's dinner was curry. I did not make my special curry which takes half a day to make. So it was normal curry but it was still good. I need to get a crockpot to make my special curry. I wonder if i can get a crockpot in Japan.

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  1. i'm surprised they'll let you take picture of

    puppies. though curry looks very good.

    i miss your cook.

    chad got hired at wal-mart changing oil

    and tires.

    but it won't last too long.

    well, i miss u bunch.

  2. Hi Eunyoung. They let you take pictures as long as you don't use flush. I'm glad that Chad got a job! Yeah! Curry was not as good as V8 curry. I promised to cook my V8 curry for one of my friends so I should make it sometime. How is your job coming?